Pakistan Penal Code, PPC

Act XLV of 1860

October 6th, 1860

Amended by: Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2012 (XXIII of 2002),Criminal Law (Third Amendment) Act, 2011 (XXVI of 2011),Criminal Law (Second Amendment) Act, 2011 (XXV of 2011),Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2011 (XX of 2011),Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2010 (I of 2010),Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Act, 2006,Criminal Laws (Amendment) Act, 2004 (I of 2005),Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance (LXXXV of 2002),Criminal Laws (Reforms) Ordinance (LXXXVI of 2002),etc.


The first comprehensive and up-to-date application, containing a complete list of articles and chapter from Pakistan Penal Code – PPC 1860

This application provides all the basic features like viewing, searching and sharing the information with a very minimalist UI design.

With this app in your smartphones, you can look up for the references stated by lawyers, police, politicians, anchors or judges in news, talk shows and courtrooms. You can read the detailed article which is being discussed in the news or at your home.

– Complete list of Chapters/Sections
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– Share as both Image and Text
– Smooth User Interface