Pakistan and terrorism

Pakistan and Terrorism : Pakistan is The most severe victim of terrorism because of the traps and conspiracies of international powers yet mostly blamed by others the supporter of terrorism.

This page of info is about the most virulent and hazardous form of actions terrorism in Pakistan. This page enlist the different terrorism activities in Pakistan. The support of Pakistani government to the US and ally forces in combating and curbing the terrorist activities from Pakistan and the whole world. but its a fact that Pakistan itself is target of internal and external terrorism. These terrorist do bomb blasts, suicide attacks, car blasts and other actions to spread violence and terrorism in Pakistan creating fear amongst the people of Pakistan, sense of insecurity amongst the foreign investors and breach in relationships with the friend countries of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan is trying to eliminate the terrorism from its very roots that are very deep. Through this page we request all Pakistanis to help the government of Pakistan in eliminating the terrorism from Pakistan. All Pakistanis should join hand and cooperate with government in wiping off terrorism from Pakistan.

Root Causes of terrorism In Pakistan : Not only Pakistan but the whole world is facing the problems of prevailing terrorist activities in one or some other form. These activities and attacks are prevailing like the cancer in the whole world that may be the most developed nations or the third world countries. In Pakistan Some attribute the terrorism and these terrorist activities to the political instability, economic conditions, standard of lives of the masses. yet others attribute it to the religious extremism of portion of the masses of Pakistan. There is another school of thought that say that the injustices done by World super powers towards the third world countries and Muslim countries have led the world to this situation and yet there is one another school of thought that attribute the current terrorism activities and the blast and suicide attacks everywhere in the world as the game of political gains among the super powers of the world. and some others termed this chaos as clash of civilization between west and Islam. What may be the reason We have to unite to eliminate this cancer from our Beloved country Pakistan and to make it a model of Peace and prosperity for the nations of the World. For latest information’s and news about these terrorist attacks anywhere in Pakistan and the whole world see the updates at